What We Need

We are truly grateful for the amount of love we have received from our generous neighbours. Many people have given their precious time and hard earned money to help us as best as they can. Here's a list of supplies we'd love to have.

Batteries (AA and AAA)
Flashlights or Lamps
Utility Knives (i.e. box cutting knives)
Women’s winter boots and coats
Deodorant or anti-perspirant
More Info on Food

Where We Need It

Thank you again for taking the time to drop off these necessities. Ask for Matthew by the Trinity Bellwoods Park Greenhouse, he'll ensure it makes it to those who need it the most. Keep an eye out for the White Squirrel Markings

covid-19 protocols will be followed at all times to ensure your and our safety - we're all in this together!

What We Don't Need

We want to help our supporters so that so their time and resources are not misplaced. Unfortunately this continues to happen and so we aim to communicate what our community actually needs and what may be better suited somewhere else.

Men’s clothes
Tooth paste
Tooth brushes

We also get an over-abundance of food donated on the weekends, especially Sundays, and often turn it down because we can’t store it all. We are quite grateful for the effort put in by so many people but also saddened that we can’t make use of it all. We thus encourage our generous friends to consider coming here on weekdays if convenient.

Please Don't

We are truly grateful for your support but we’d also appreciate it if you avoided doing some of these things

Leave food on the tables. Unless it’s for the squirrels because they’re the ones who will end up eating it.
Have assumptions about us. Each person here is a unique human being with their own story and situation. Don’t assume we are this way or that because it’s kind of insulting to us. Instead, come and talk to us and learn more. We are super friendly and love to chat!
Take photos of us or our tents without consent. Some of us find that very degrading so please just ask first.
Make a spectacle of your generosity. Please don’t scream things out like “come get your free xyz while it lasts!” as if you single handedly stopped a famine and saved us all from starvation. We aren’t starving, we’re just poor. We also prefer discretion over calling attention to our poverty.